Tips from Maria-Fernanda Delgado

We finally got an opportunity to hear & interview from this busy yet remarkable woman. Maria-Fernanda is a real estate executive with over 17 years of sales experience, marketing and negotiation skills in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area. Her background includes leadership in investments with a solid knowledge of strategic processes, profitability/cost analysis, investor relations, acquisitions and dispositions of real estate properties.

Check out some of the questions we asked our MG Boss of the month, Maria-Fernanda Delgado, on how she owns and manages her real estate brokerage firm, Hestia Realtor along with some of her success tips:


  1. As a real estate brokerage firm owner - how do you balance your personal & business life?

“I work 6 days a week and take 1 personal day to myself to run errands, enjoy family and organize my household.

I raised 3 children, so my days also consisted of blending client meetings, soccer games, homework, driving, and school activities. I was able to balance their schedule with my day because I enjoyed it and looked forward to it. I didn’t see the run around as a task rather small beautiful moments of my personal life that I got throughout the day.”


  1. What is your business about and how did you get to owning your own? What motivated you to be your own boss?

“I own a real estate brokerage company called Hestia Realtor. With 17 years in the industry, I not only gained experience but learned valuable traits that have allowed and prepared me for this. From a real estate agent, to broker, to running my own company – family and experience motivated me to be my own boss.”


  1. What are 4 tips that you recommend to young women wanting to start a business?
    1. Get organized.
    2. Get up early & go to bed late. Don’t make a big drama about it.
    3. Build a business with an annual plan of action ahead.
    4. Set yourself annual goals


  1. Some professionals stay away from To-do lists and set monthly/annual goals instead. What do you use/ recommend? 

“I personally get up early every day to do my to-do list and I finish it up at the end of the day. Whatever I don’t complete I make it a point to complete it the next day. Setting annual/monthly goals are a must as well as a budget control system so I’d say both are equally important to use - not necessarily one over the other.”


  1. What does your morning routine look like?

“First I plan my day in my head and then I make a list in writing. I get everything I need to stay organized for the day before I leave and then I go around crossing out my daily duties. Despite my tasks I try and remember to keep a “being busy is a good thing” attitude.”


  1. What are some things you like to do during the week/weekend to help you decompress after a long day/week?

“I dance tango and bikram yoga two nights a week.  I run and do exercise regularly as well which are great in relaxing me after some of my longer weeks.” 


  1. As a business owner what is one thing you learned that you wish you would have known beforehand?

“Owning a business takes 3+ times the amount of effort and time. I am still working on a lot of things and getting there but I have to be careful in not losing focus of the business’ goals and financial projections. Running a business is like sailing - you are responsible for taking the ship in its direction.”


  1. How important do you think physical appearance is when conducting business? 

“Appearance is very important. In real estate we aim to dress up professionally in order to conduct business and meet clients. First impressions are lasting impressions so why not dress the part? It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem in general.”

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    Love these tips! So inspirational! Thank you for sharing

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