Loving in chaos

So now what?

These are the thoughts that have been replaced for many of us who have been forced into self-isolation due to the pandemic. It will be to no ones surprise that those who will live through this crisis will never see simple greetings the same again. Amongst the chaos, my dear friends have asked me “How are you spending your time during COVID?” and the first words uttered out have been “I am learning to love and improve myself”. As a working class woman, it can be an arduous task to juggle work, health, fitness, finances, family, friends, and hobbies all while trying to stay composed and joyful. Then trying to add on doing things that fill your heart and self-care. It seems quite impossible at times. It was on one rainy evening when my father told me “No matter how educated you are, no one can teach you how to love yourself but you”.

I have traveled to over twenty countries. Wow. Even writing it is hard to fathom. I have met so many incredible people with extraordinary cultures and visions for their life. I have seen areas of the world that many of have not even known existed. I have crossed villages where their education comes only from learning how to survive. Here, in the United States it is a privilege. However, why is it that there can be so many years of education yet nobody taught us how to love ourselves? 

This is the perfect time gifted to us to be able to explore who we are and what we want in this life. What is guiding you to become someone better? What are the daily habits you do? What are things you can take out of your life that aren’t bettering you? What drives you to wake up in the morning? These are a few questions out of the thousands that can benefit your life in an astonishing way. Take this incredible opportunity to take care of yourself. No one can love you the way you deserve until you first learn to love yourself.


- Danielle R.

M.G. Couture Co. Founder


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