Becoming Your Best Version

One Sunday morning I caught myself gazing at a message from 'Unshakeable' by Cristine Caine. Something caught my eye about the days reading that made me reflect on where I was in my life. From the message, I extracted what it meant to me and formulated a note I decided to place above my bathroom sink. It was something that I wanted to remind myself of everyday, so I wrote my interpretation on a bright orange sticky "You will become the best version of yourself".

I wanted this note to remind me that every single waking day is an opportunity for growth. It can be easy to become stagnant or complacent within different stages of life because we're in a comfort zone or because of life's demanding requirements. Our lives may involve taking care of others and we can easily forget ourselves in the process. We forget that in order to love others to the best of our ability, it requires taking care of the source first - Us.

Taking care of our health is a major part of it but taking care of our character, body, mind and spirit are equally as important. I believe these attributes need to be nurtured in order to grow as a person.

 But what exactly does it mean and what exactly does it take in becoming the best version of ourselves?  I think it takes having a deeper look at our selves as a whole and defining areas of improvement. Asking ourselves questions such as "How can I be a better mother? How can I be a better spouse? What do I need to do in order to take my business to the next level? How can I take this opportunity I have in front of me and learn from it? How do I accomplish my goals this year and where can I improve? etc." - You get the idea. Take the time to analyze areas in your life that can be improved and write them down. Strive to be a better version of yourself daily. 

We must then formulate a plan to execute what we want to improve. This may mean taking an extra 15 minutes to read a bedtime story, waking up 15 minutes earlier every day to spend time reviewing our goals or simply making a weekly schedule to learn a new skill we want to add to our portfolio.

Find a plan to target and accomplish these improvements day by day and see what particularly works for you. By working to better the specific areas we want to succeed in, we can make progress that we are proud of. After all - the best version of yourself is an analysis of how we want to view ourselves.

-Dyasha Michele 


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